Arcade Edition, top players earn special titles

More incentive to play your best

If you haven’t heard, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition — the upcoming upgrade to Capcom’s popular fighting title — is coming equipped with the highly-anticipated Arcade Mode. Instead of being a simple ladder of opponents that results in a character ending, it seems that the company is really putting time into adding extra bits of flare for fans to enjoy.

During the World of Capcom panel at New York Comic-Con last week, Capcom talked more about Arcade Edition, providing additional details on its Arcade Mode.

Players will be able to choose from six different paths, each connected to one of the main games in the franchise. For example, selecting the Street Fighter 2 ladder will put you up against characters who appeared in the game, and we even see that the menus for these paths will resemble the color schemes and themes of their respective games.

But there will be incentives for players to do their best in Arcade Mode. According to the speaker at the panel, SF5AE’s Arcade Mode will feature a monthly ranking system.

Players will earn points throughout their Arcade runs, and whichever players have the most points at the end of the month will receive a special title to use online. From the sound of it, this will be applicable for all six of the different paths.

On top of monthly rankings, players will also want to perform well in Arcade Mode in order to unlock the best character endings.

As we now know, Arcade Mode will feature over 100 endings, and Capcom notes that these are tied to player performance. If we had to take an educated guess, we’d say this means that each character will have a “good” and a “bad” ending for each of the different…

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