Apple looking at renewable energy in Australia

Global technology giant Apple’s environmental boss Lisa Jackson says the company is looking at expanding into Australia’s energy market including a stake in solar and wind projects.

With Apple purchasing solar farms across the world to help its target of being 100 per cent renewable, Ms Jackson said the company was looking at all options to reduce its carbon footprint in Australia.

The technology company is already 100 per cent renewable in Australia, purchasing its power from renewable energy sources from existing retailers. 

Ms Jackson – the senior vice-president of environment, policy and social initiatives for Apple who reports directly to chief executive Tim Cook – said the company was looking to “move closer to the supply of electricity” in Australia.

Apple Park is costing $6 billion and will house 12,000 employees.


This was more likely to be in the form of a direct stake in an energy project, rather than investing in a new power project on their own.

“So we’re scouting, so we’re looking for more opportunities. I think there’s always a way to change the way we lower our carbon footprint in Australia, whether it be solar or wind,” Ms Jackson said in an interview at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

“We don’t always want to own our own generation facility, but it’s nice to be able to tell your customers where your energy comes from and which field.”

In United States, Apple had to create its own company, Apple Energy, to be able to do a power purchasing agreement with the nearby Californa Flats solar farm to use energy at its existing headquarters. It also allows Apple to be able to look for more energy opportunities in the US, on the generation side as well as a purchaser. The company also sells excess power back to the grid.

Between 2009 and 2013, Ms Jackson was the administrator of the Environmental Protection…

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