Apex® HCM Publishes White Paper on State of Payroll Industry

Apex HCM

We’ve seen dramatic growth in our customer base…This reality sparked our interest and caused us to take a step back and analyze the state of our industry. I am pleased to report the data supports our clients’ anecdotal reports; business is booming.

Apex HCM, a leader in payroll and human capital management, announced today the publication of a new white paper that explores the state of the payroll industry. Apex developed this white paper to present the latest research and insight into the state of the payroll and HCM service bureau industry.

The payroll services industry has grown significantly over the last several years, due in part to the growth of cloud-based technology platforms, the expansion of human capital management services, and the outsourcing of in-house payroll to third party payroll vendors. With ever growing complexity of payroll regulations and taxation, third party payroll vendors will continue to capitalize on companies seeking alternative solutions to provide an easier, more seamless, outsourced payroll experience.

Companies are also seeking an all-in-one software experience for providing ancillary HCM services, creating the opportunity to drive revenue growth. As the HCM movement grows, payroll service providers will realize the opportunity to expand into new services within the Human Resource sector.

Titled, “Why Now is the Best Time to be in the Payroll Industry,” the white paper provides an overview of growth opportunities within the payroll services industry. Economic expansion, technology advancements, and the adoption of human capital management services, indicate the payroll industry stands ready for exceptional growth.

“We’ve seen dramatic growth in our customer…

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