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Camera buffs are invited attend a showing of a collection of antique cameras this evening, Thursday, March 30. The event is being sponsored by the Black Rock Historical Society. Presenter/photographer Art Pepe will be on hand to discuss his collection of antique cameras. He will also talk about early photographic printing processes.

Art Pepe, photographer, printer and graphic arts professional.

The event is open to photographers, camera collectors, and anyone else interested in learning about a bygone era. These days, everyone has phones on their smartphones, so there’s really no reason to traipse around lugging additional pieces of photography equipment. But then again, there are those out there who refuse to give up on the old school image capture process. Just as vinyl collectors have renewed their interest in sourcing albums, old school photography still commands an audience, though nothing compared to vinyl.

Cyanotype: a photographic blueprint.

For those select few who still have a fascination in photo relics, come check out these beautiful cameras, and learn about an early photographic printing process at the same time. 

Antique Camera Show

The Black Rock Historical Society | 1902 Niagara Street | Buffalo NY

Thursday, March 30, 2017 | 6pm

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