Antioxidant Foods: Stay Healthy With An Antioxidant-Rich Diet

Stay Healthy With An Antioxidant-Rich Diet

Some diet foods are full of antioxidants, essential nutrients. Food items like sabja (sweet basil) seeds and coconut water are easily accessible options, say experts.

Inputs by Rashida Sidhpurwala, consulting Nutritionist at UrbanClap, website for lifestyle services:


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Goodbye Bloating!


For all those who suffer from constipation, gas and acidity, this one is an absolute must-have on a daily basis.

However the curd must be set at home.

This allows the essential fats, the vitamin D and the vitamin B along with the B12 to be retained.

Curd strengthens the intestines, reduces acidity attacks and keeps the bloating down.


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Metabolism-Boosting Miracle


An alkaline body will have the best metabolism and will stay away from manifesting or developing diseases so make sure to include this super hydrating vegetable in your diet, every day.


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Surprising Health Benefits

Sabja (sweet basil) seeds

Not just a quick detox, but an instant cooler and bloating reliever.


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Spice For Life!


This spice has a plethora of benefits that include super anti-inflammatory power and reduction of arthritic pain.

Not only does it help curb low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and blood sugar levels drastically but chewing a small piece of it also helps keeps sweet cravings at bay.


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Extraordinary Multi-Purpose Drink

Coconut Water

This is not just thirst quencher but has the perfect balance of sodium and potassium to give the skin a baby-fresh look.

It is also a well known reliever of cramps and migraine during menstruation.


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For A Toned Waistline!


This grain is rich in vitamin B1, iron and fibre. It can help pick up the rate at which the body is burning fat.


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