Announcing Armadillo, the ServiceNow Best Practices Analysis tool

Acktinos, a ServiceNow-partnered IT consulting company specializing in enterprise service management, recently announced its ServiceNow Technical Best Practices analysis tool Armadillo. With this application, developers on the ServiceNow platform can align their code with ServiceNow’s aggregated coding guidelines, helping prevent issues from taking place before they occur.

Armadillo interacts with ServiceNow instances to search for code that fails to follow best practices. Armadillo pinpoints situations where issues are present, and developers can adjust their code to achieve better performance and upgradeability. This builds code with an emphasis on agility and adaptiveness, while mitigating risk at production and providing for better code governance.

According to Capers Jones’s research on code defects in the development cycle, fixing a bug at implementation takes around 15 minutes, while resolving the same issue at production would take up to 25 hours. An application like Armadillo would help prevent these coding issues from intensifying, allowing developers to focus on business objectives – the things that matter.

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About Acktinos

Acktinos is a Service Management company partnered with ServiceNow, Microsoft, and VMware to provide innovative solutions to business challenges. Acktinos specializes in IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, IT Business Management, and Unified Endpoint Security Management. Acktinos’s broad range of Services and Solutions provides clients with the highest standards of performance and maturity, whether they implement a new ServiceNow platform or augment an existing one.

Acktinos has experience in multiple industries, including Healthcare, Technology, Oil and Gas, and Finance, in…

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