An Adoption Story” Is The Tender Tale Of A Baby Boy’s Divine Detour On His Way To His Forever Home

“God’s Plan for Nate Nate: An Adoption Story”: is an engaging and emotional story of a woman who decides to adopt a baby, but finds herself unable to care for him. The Lord provides a loving and safe forever family for the child, even though it wasn’t what anyone had planned. “God’s Plan for Nate Nate: An Adoption Story” is the creation of published author, Karen Spicer-Wolven, a strong woman of faith, a writer, a photographer, and a lifelong children’s advocate..

Karen is mother to four biological children and one grandchild. However, she shares, “I have also had the privilege to be “mom” to my stepchildren, my foster kids, and several kids that just needed a safe place to be for a time.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Karen Spicer-Wolven’s new book was originally written for a sweet and special boy named Nate-Nate. Karen, or Mommy K, wanted to tell the story so that he might understand just how much he was wanted and loved from the beginning. Originally, Karen wrote the story solely for Nate-Nate, however after years have passed she realized that Nate-Nate’s adoption story might also help other adopted children and the parents that had to give them up understand the difficult decisions that were made on their behalf.

So often adopted children, especially those that were in foster care, have assumptions about starting out life as “unwanted” children. In most cases this assumption is so far from the truth. While it is true that immaturity, lack of emotional or financial support, addictions, and family pressures are some of the reasons that parents choose to give up their children for adoption, or are forced to, hardly ever were they not wanted.

God’s plan was much different than Karen’s plan for Nate-Nate. The Lord…

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