Amy Iverson: How to use tech to help your kids stay fit

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Kids are going to be on screens. So why not use those screens to help children get the exercise they so desperately need.

Screens are everywhere and seem to always be in front of our faces. (We have no control over this right?) The Centers for Disease Control report that kids ages 8-10 spend about six hours each day in front of a screen, and most of that is watching television. I hate to break it to you, but screens aren’t going anywhere. It’s our job as parents and as responsible digital citizens to figure out how to make that screen time educational and beneficial, instead of just a mind-wasting experience.

With kids having six hours of screen time every day, it may seem impossible for them to fit in the 60 minutes or more of daily physical activity the CDC recommend. Less than half of kids ages 6-11 are meeting that recommendation right now. If only there were a way to use that screen time to chalk up the minutes of physical activity our bodies so desperately need. Well read on, because there are actually many ways to get exercise and stay fit by using devices. Apps, gadgets and good old-fashioned toys can help kids get on the fitness path while still using their beloved screens.

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