Amusements of America say rides at Eastern Carolina Agriculture Fair in Florence are safe

The fair is open until Saturday. (WPDE)

When you go to the fair, the only thing you should worry about is how much fun you’re going to have, but some are focused on safety.

Tony Rogers grew up coming to Eastern Carolina Agriculture Fair, and now he brings his grandson to enjoy the sights and sounds.

“He’s four years old. He’s kinda into it, just loving and enjoying that,” Rogers said.

While Rogers doesn’t go on the rides, he feels safe letting his grandson go.

“Been here all my life and so has everyone else I see around here, so, been no problems with us,” Rogers said.

Amusements of America supplied 32 rides for this year’s fair in Florence. They say they want people to know their rides are safe.

“We’re doing more than we’ve ever did before just to try to detect anything that might cause any kind of issue, so it’s safer than it ever has been ,” said Rob Vivona, Manager Amusements of America.

Once a ride passes inspection, they’re run all day, but supervisors still walk around and do visual tests, checking both the operators and equipment.

“We do a daily inspection that check […] do a total visual check of the ride,” Vivona said.

Fair accidents in the pass have left some worried, but officials say they’re doing what they can to prevent any future accidents.

Investigators say hidden rust inside the fireballs support arm caused a deadly fair accident in Ohio back in July.

They say the manufacturer didn’t suggest to test that area, but now the industry is looking at new testing to search for that issue for the future.

“Expand that type of testing to look for this new issue that no one was aware of before. Amusement of America has already implemented some of that additional testing at your fair,” David Margulies Spokesperson for Amusements of America said.

Others agree with Rogers–the rides are safe–but some say they would rather not ride.

“I’m just a little afraid to get on a ride,” Gwendolyn Bines said.

All of the testing is encouraging for…

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