Amsterdam pit bull to be euthanized

An Amsterdam City Court judge ordered Thursday that the pit bull who attacked an 8-year-old boy on Aug. 23, causing severe damage to his neck, be euthanized. 

In a hearing Thursday morning, Judge William Mycek, after speaking with the dog’s owner and Amsterdam Animal Control Officer Gina Kline, signed an order deeming the animal dangerous and ordering its destruction. 

The euthanization will be carried out Tuesday, Sept. 5, at an undisclosed area animal hospital, Kline said after the hearing.

Emanuel Sanchez was taking “Big Boy,” his family’s 3-year-old pit bull, out for a walk when it inexplicably attacked, Sanchez’s father told The Daily Gazette last week. The boy’s neck was bitten severely and he was airlifted to Albany Medical Center. 

Samuel Lawson, Sanchez’s father, said his son has undergone surgery to his neck and arm and is expected to make a full recovery. He said Big Boy had never exhibited aggressive behavior. 

Sanchez’s mother, Jasmine Tirado, was also injured in the attack when she intervened to pull Big Boy off her son. In court Thursday she was wearing a bandage on her right pinkie finger, which she said earlier this week had been bitten off at the top knuckle. She and Kline spoke with Mycek before the order was read aloud in court.

Tirado did not return a request for comment Thursday. 

Tirado was involved in a 2011 incident in Schenectady in which three dogs she owned escaped from her Hulett Street apartment and mauled a woman. The woman, Shirleen Lucas, suffered severe injuries to her head, arms and legs that required 200 stitches, as well as cosmetic surgery, according to a Gazette report from 2012.

Tirado was fined $2,200 and was sentenced to 30 days in jail in that case.

Kline on Thursday said an investigation into the Aug. 23 attack revealed several factors that may help explain why Big Boy lashed out, seemingly without provocation. 

The family, which is large, with seven children between the ages…

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