Ammonia, Deadlifts, and the Splits: A Day With Jujimufu (Jon Call)

From my experience, very few folks can say they’ve spent a work day doing deadlifts and having Jon Call, or Jujimufu as he’s known on social media, take their ammonia virginity.

Call is known as the “anabolic acrobat” and has gained a huge following by performing crazy feats of strength and mobility with an outlandish, yet welcoming personality. Before I met Jujimufu I was always curious, does is his video personality match his in-person energy? And I can first hand confirm that, yes it does.

Disclaimer: Ammonia is a respiratory stimulant in the form of an inhalant that isn’t necessary for training or heavy lifting. It can potentially have adverse effects on one’s health. Please seek the advice of a medical professional before using, or if side effects are present. 

Jujimufu is somewhat of an anomaly in the world of strength. It wasn’t until the last few years he really began gaining steam on social platforms as an influencer, but he’s always been a frequent creator of educational content.

Call is 31 years old, and hebegan his content creation career somewhat backwards, posting videos and articles online before social media became the go-to source. His original site was started in 2002, and he shared multiple video how-to’s and articles about tricking. Check out this older tricking tutorial from Jujimufu below.

In 2014, Call shifted gears to start, and dove head first into the ever changing social media movement. “Acrobolix came to me one day when I was doing chest flies. I realized, I wasn’t like my tricking peers (I was more muscular), and at the end of the day I’m an acrobat. I pondered this for a second, and voila, acrobolix was born.”

He’s now grown to a monstrous 930k+ Instagram followers with a quickly expanding YouTube channel. Not to mention, very few strength athletes (if any) can say that America’s Got Talent approached them to come on their show and perform.


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