AMI Stories Generated 24,666,309 Minutes Reading in Q1 2017

24,666,309 minutes reading equals 47 years, 11 months & 5 days. 298,087 subscribers is approximately the population of Cincinnati, Ohio.

AMI, the network of community driven publications, announced that it generated 24,666,309 minutes reading in Q1 2017, and reached 298,087 subscribers overall.

From Q4 2016, this is a 46% increase in minutes reading and a 70% increase in subscribers. AMI publications started its beta program across 17 verticals in early 2016.

“I want to read high quality, well reasoned stories about the world today,” said AMI Founder, CEO and only employee of the company, David Smooke. “Perspectives shape stories. Our contributor network publishes thousands of experts in their respective fields. I believe that by publishing a diverse group of people who are walking the walk or living the life, we’re able to distribute truer versions of stories than most blogs today.”

To put things in perspective, 24,666,309 minutes reading in 2017 Q1 is the equivalent of 47 years, 11 months and 5 days, and 298,087 subscribers is approximately equivalent to the population of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Additionally, the company issued a tweetstorm at 10:37 a.m. April 26th, via @AMI:

(1/13) Let us first admit that everything is a story. It’s how we make sense of the world.

(2/13) We’re committed to connecting stories and storytellers. No story or person exists in a vacuum.

(3/13) Our ambition is better stories for all to read. Where better is more well reasoned, more well written, and more entertaining.

(4/13) Our storytellers must consider, how am I existing in relation to the rest of the world?

(5/13) Sometimes we find stories, other times stories find us. Just like meeting people.

(6/13) Our readers choose to relate to the storyteller’s perspective. This moves discourse forward.

(7/13) “Fake news,” the Trumpian term, is bullsh*t. What’s real is publisher interests & writer perspectives.

(8/13) Your truth affects our truth, and our truth affects your truth. Yes, the internet is a circle.

(9/13) At the end of the day, it’s quality over clicks, but our contributors do occasionally go viral, primarily because of cats.

(10/13) Distribution is a balancing act between relevance, reach, and accents.

(11/13) Because our storytellers share what matters, we’re thankful.

(12/13) Because our readers keep reading, we’re thankful.

(13/13) Consider us for a good story.

About AMI

AMI is a network of community driven publications. AMI prioritizes substance over clicks. The company started as ArtMap Inc., was the startup marketing agency in 2015, and pivoted into media in 2016. AMI properties include,, FitYourself.Club,, FutureTravel.Today,…

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