Alternatives to 10 of Ikea’s most popular and iconic products

If your taste is anything like mine, you love Ikea’s “design for everyone” aesthetic. Their minimalist Scandinavian style is swoon worthy. Those Swedish meatballs are yummy. and the $1.00 frozen yogurt cones are the best deal around. There’s a reason Ikea is such a delightful shopping destination.

But maybe you’re less than thrilled at the quality of the merch, or you don’t enjoy putting furniture together with pictures instead of instructions. Or maybe you’re okay with that, but the nearest Ikea is hundreds of miles away.

I found alternatives to 10 of Ikea’s most popular and iconic products, and you can buy many of these items at the local mall, or online at your favorite websites. They look chic in your space, and you don’t have to tell anybody that they’re knock-offs.

1. Target’s version of the Billy bookcase

The simple design and multiple configurations of the Billy bookcase can work almost anywhere. Get the look with a Target bookcase. If you’d like an open feel, don’t put the back of the bookcase on when you build it.

Credit: Amazon

Offering stylish storage, this Target bookshelf looks very much like Billy, its Ikea counterpart. Leave the back off for an open look.

2. Amazon’s version of the Poang chair

Comfortable, well-designed, and seemingly indestructible, Ikea’s been making the Poang chair for over 40 years. The Poang chair in our conference room is my favorite. Get the look with this chair for about the same price as the Ikea model.

Credit: Amazon

Comfortable and modern, this chair could work well at home or in an office. It mimics a favorite Ikea design, the Poang chair.

3. West Elm’s version of the Malm bedframe

As you can tell from the sheer number ways you’ve seen it styled on Pinterest, the design of the Malm bed is adaptable. But West Elm’s Simple Bed Frame may be just as…

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