Alisyn Camerota, Formerly of Fox News, Has a Story to Tell

The executives in the book tell anchors to lay off presidential candidates, a message that Ms. Camerota said she received in real life from management because Roger Ailes, the late Fox News titan, did not want on-air talk about the accusations of sexual harassment against the Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain during the 2012 campaign.

As the plot unfolds, copious airtime is devoted to a television star turned politician named Victor Fluke (hmm!) whose immunity to shame generates big ratings. Amanda, who struggles to balance ethics and ratings, is told by a producer that Walter Cronkite would never get hired today because “he’d be bad for the demo.”

“There were just some bizarre things that were happening,” Ms. Camerota said, explaining why she started taking notes on her experiences and wondered if it could make for a book. “It was easier to assign whatever ethical challenge I was facing to a fictional character and let her figure it out.”


Elizabeth Ailes, Roger Ailes, Ms. Camerota and Geraldo Rivera in 2015 at a 40th birthday party for Erica Rivera.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Ms. Camerota, 51, is the rare Fox News anchor whose career has thrived after leaving the network: She is now co-host of CNN’s “New Day,” alongside Chris Cuomo, where she has scored viral hits by pressing supporters of President Trump about his false claims.

Since leaving Fox News, Ms. Camerota has also gone public about the darker side of life at the network. In April, she said on-air that she was sexually and emotionally harassed by Mr. Ailes, who was forced to step down as the network’s chairman and chief executive after a sexual harassment scandal last summer.

In her account, Ms. Camerota said that when she approached Mr. Ailes about her career, seeking more opportunities…

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