Alex Smith 2.0 lives against the Houston Texans

So in 2015, Alex Smith went through a stretch of several games where he played better than he’d played previously as a Chief. It wasn’t as good as what we’ve seen in 2017, but it was noticeable. I dubbed him Alex Smith 2.0, hoping that the upgraded version was here to stay. Unfortunately, Alex didn’t continue to take shots down the field or throw into tight windows, so the name sank back into the overfilled muck of failed narratives. It was quite sad.

And now it’s 2017, and Alex Smith is the frontrunner for MVP. I wrote about that here earlier in the week, and I stand by it. I also wrote about how Alex has drastically improved on his three biggest weaknesses this year: challenging down the field with accuracy, throwing into tight windows, and pocket presence. You can read that if you want, but here’s an easy summary:

Alex Smith 2.0 is reborn.

And it’s not just me. Al Michaels called him that during the Sunday Night Football broadcast, and it was arguably one of the top three best moments of my life (I know, I have five kids so that doesn’t seem right. Let’s move on rather than judge my life moment gauging, OK?).

The point is, Alex Smith 2.0 is finally, actually, a real thing that no one can deny. And against Houston, on a night when the guy who SHOULD be the frontrunner for rookie of the year (Kareem Hunt) was getting stymied early on by a tough front seven that was clearly keying on him, ol’ 2.0 went out and played his best game of the season.

Yeah, yeah, I know, Alex’s stats weren’t quite as good as they were in Week 1 against the Patriots. But here’s the thing: stats lie all the time.

In fact, we’re going to do a little experiment today to demonstrate the issues with looking at things like total yards and…

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