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Last year’s Alcatel Idol 4S was a huge shift for the company in several ways, fashioning together a more premium designed smartphone without the premium cost. For its successor, however, some folks will be both surprised and irked at the same time by its new strategy. On one hand, the phone features specs that might be considered below its predecessor, and on the other, there’s a significant discount with the phone for those willing to tolerate ads and offers in their face. While $280 for the phone is already tempting on its own, how does $200 sound instead?


Even though recycled designs aren’t a foreign thing in the world of smartphones, Alcatel doesn’t change up the recipe a whole lot with the Idol 5S’ design – one that’s rich with premium qualities. That’s a good thing, as it’s beautifully crafted from 2.5D glass, sandwiched together by an aluminum frame. In all honesty, it looks exactly like its predecessor, which isn’t a bad thing at all, given the premium look and feel. Although, you’ll want to be especially careful with handling it, just because glass meeting surface doesn’t mesh well. And trust us, the glass construction paired with its oleophobic construction makes it extremely slippery. 


One of the stranger aspects of the phone is related to the display, a 5.2-inch 1080p IPS display. Not only has the screen size shrunken by a mere 0.3-inches, but the resolution too has been scaled back when compared to its QHD predecessor. Don’t get us wrong though, it’s plenty detailed at a pixel density of 424 ppi and produces pleasant colors, which can be adjusted in the settings to make it colder or warmer in tone.

Initially, you probably think it’s not going to be VR-ready like its predecessor because of that reduction in resolution, but it actually is! Yes, it’s not quite as detailed because those pixels aren’t as tightly packed together when your eyes are staring at the screen through a VR…

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