AI Innovator Kyndi™ Calls for Industry to Focus on Solutions that Bridge Multiple AI Paradigms and Solve Real-World Problems Faster

Kyndi™, which builds artificial intelligence (AI) products and solutions that help organizations to anticipate and act on opportunities and threats, today announced that it is calling upon the AI industry to create solutions that seamlessly interoperate between multiple paradigms while solving real-world problems faster.

Kyndi founder and CEO Ryan Welsh and COO Amy Guarino will be delivering these comments in speeches at the 5th Annual Global Big Data Conference that is taking place August 29-31 in Santa Clara, Calif.

“In order to achieve the enormous promise and potential of AI, the industry needs to remember the teachings of one of its pioneers, Marvin Minsky,” said Welsh. “Minsky’s view of AI was that ‘the power of intelligence stems from our vast diversity, not from any single, perfect principle.’ I believe that AI has kind of gotten stuck because of the obsession for developing that one ‘silver bullet’ solution. In fact, there is no silver bullet in AI. We founded Kyndi to engineer bridges between the different AI paradigms so they work together seamlessly to solve the big problems that matter most for companies and governmental entities.”

Welsh continued: “Organizations of all types and sizes today need to analyze an exponentially growing amount of heterogeneous data to create knowledge and share it across the organization. Our mission at Kyndi is to give customers a competitive edge by enabling them to create vital knowledge faster.”

“One of the primary problems with Big Data today is there is simply too much of it,” said Guarino. “Organizations need a much more efficient and faster way to synthesize their huge amounts of unstructured data to create truly actionable insights. AI can radically transform business by dramatically reducing the time, people and costs required to…

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