Advice From Black Geek Entrepreneurs to Their Younger Selves

Shared lessons learned by the people behind Goboiano, Black Girl Nerds, Noir Caesar, BlerDCon, Fanbros, and others shaking up the geek market

Before geek became chic, it was just another synonym for outcast. So as a blerd—a black nerd—maintaining a career, that in most cases you had to build from the ground up, would be a formidable task requiring singular focus and carefully laid plans. One would assume this was the case if you look at Black Girl Nerds and Universal FanCon’s Jamie Broadnax or Black Nerd Problems’ William Evans.

But these examples of success come with lessons that they would have gladly been given a heads up on. Here are some of the lessons they and others in the geek market have learned along the way.

“Do not compromise your voice or interest because you think people won’t get it or care.” —William Evans, Black Nerd Problems

William Evans, the editor-in-chief and co-founder of Black Nerd Problems, collaborated with friend Omar Holmon when they realized that the lack of representation in the geek market wasn’t confined to the source but also reflected the lack of diversity in coverage and consumers speaking out. So they recruited other like-minded individuals to make their voices be heard.

“Being a geek can be isolating because we compare our interest to the general population, but we sometimes don’t know that there are huge communities that share our interest and passions. They just aren’t always in our class at school or neighborhood. But seeking out a community that is invested in the nerd stuff that you are is one of the best parts about being a geek.”


“Make sure that your con and concept represents your passion.” —Hilton George, BlerDCon

Hilton George is the founder and con-chair of BlerDCon, the annual convention celebrating the contributions of blerds to the geek community. Attending cons and not seeing them reflecting the diversity of the audiences that watched them…

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