Advice for “Serving with Signficance” in our community

A graduate of Science Hill High School and the University of Tennessee, for years Henderson had a paying job in banking but dedicated much of her free time to volunteering in the community. With an impressive resume filled with serving on boards at the state, local and national level, she later went on to earn a master’s degree in community leadership from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

When the need arose to care for aging parents, Henderson was able to leave the traditional workplace and channel her experience into private consulting on strategic planning and organizational development, quickly becoming a sought-after expert in both areas.

At one point, a friend encouraged Henderson to collect all her best advice and put it into a book format and “Serving with Significance: A Guide for Leadership Level Community Influencers” was born.

A quick and easy read worthy of several re-reads, the book is chock-full of impressive advice that applies to many areas of life, not just leadership. I’ve shared in this space before my favorite quote from the book and it’s worth sharing again: “When you practice what you preach, others will soon be preaching what you practice.” Are you worthy of imitation?


Henderson’s advice came from a variety of sources. She tells a story shared by her beloved great aunt, who worked for John D. Rockefeller. Worried that his attire might be not be quite right for a visit to the White House, it was the sitting president who told him, “The people who mind do not matter. The people who matter do not mind.” That particular nugget applies to so many areas of life — how often do we worry unnecessarily about what others think? (A leader, however, knows that everyone in a group matters.)

She reminds us that leaders wear everything from blue jeans and work gloves to three-piece suits…

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