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It takes an entrepreneur an average of 60 hours to research, evaluate and determine to which accelerator programs to apply—time that could be spent developing social enterprise efforts that spur impact. To address this challenge,, Sphaera, and ImpactSpace developed a tool that was unveiled at SOCAP17 today which helps to simplify that process and increase the probability of accelerator application success.

The Accelerator Selection Tool, an online database that maps the global impact accelerator landscape, made its debut at the fourth annual Accelerating the Accelerators (AtA) workshop at SOCAP17, which takes place in San Francisco this week and is the world’s leading conference on activating the power of capital markets to drive positive social and environmental impact. The first aggregator of its kind, the tool helps social entrepreneurs easily find accelerator programs that best fit the need of their venture, while providing valuable social enterprise and market trend data to impact accelerators and investors.

The Accelerator Selection Tool is a key part of the digital plumbing we are building to make the business of social change more effective

The Accelerator Selection Tool is a free resource. Developed using an aggregate of both private and publicly available information about impact accelerator, incubator, business plan competition, and fellowship programs, the Accelerator Selection Tool provides the most comprehensive impact accelerator program information in the world and is an example of the power of collaboration.

“The Accelerator Selection Tool aggregates information from leading database partners and impact accelerator networks, each of which contributes a piece of the puzzle to create the most comprehensive impact accelerator program information in the world,” said Avary Kent, executive director of

The tool includes data from about 750 social enterprise support programs from around the world, and has been…

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