A Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in NYC has the Right Cure for Various Dental Problems

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing,” said by a great saint Mother Teresa about the action of smiling. However, in the twenty first century, a beautiful smile has become a social necessity. Walk in to any cosmetic dentistry clinics in New York and you will find people seeking treatments for achieving beautiful smiles. A cosmetic dentistry NYC clinic offers customized solutions to its patients according to their dental concerns.


Let us discuss about dental issues that are resolved with the help of cosmetic dentistry treatments-


  1. Discoloration of teeth – There may be several reasons that may attribute to discolored and stained teeth. This is because of the mineralization of the structure of the teeth due to reasons such as Ageing, red wine, genetics, caffeine, certain diseases and bad oral hygiene. Stains may be either of intrinsic or extrinsic types. Cosmetic dentistry alternatives such as tooth whitening help to remove all extrinsic stains along with the diminishing of tough extrinsic stains. This helps in making the teeth lighter, attractive e and aesthetically appealing.


  1. Crooked teeth – A crooked tooth or teeth makes a smile unattractive. Cosmetic dentistry is useful in straightening of teeth with its various solutions. Traditional wires and braces have been replaced by invisalign, which are transparent plates and are not easy to detect. The invisalign plates works gradually moving the tooth/teeth to its desired position over a period.



  1. Missing tooth/teeth – Missing teeth are a common occurrence due to untoward accidents, a failed root canal treatment or due to a dental disease. Dental implants are the cosmetic dentistry answer for missing teeth that help to prevent any health consequences such as bone loss, shifting of teeth, and alteration of bite, jaw joint problem and additional stress on other teeth.


  1. Cracked teeth – Cracked teeth are also one of the important issues…

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