$80,000 later, why this trio gave up their ‘Star Trek’ wax figures, Enterprise replica

Mr. Spock’s head cooled in a wooden crate for 10 years before someone noticed something was wrong.

The piercing eyes looked great. The pointy ears were perfectly preserved. The tweezed eyebrows jutted upward at just the proper angles. But the hair? Everybody knows Spock had a bowl cut and his hair almost looked plastic in its precision.

Cold storage had somehow made Spock’s hair shaggy.

This, Star Trek fans, was a problem.

And the fact that someone with the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum had noticed the problem, that’s what told Steve and Lori Greenthal and Chris Liebl — the owners of Spock, Kirk and the rest of the crew of the Starship Enterprise — that they didn’t have to be sad about saying goodbye to their seven wax friends. They had done the right thing.

Of course, to appreciate what happened to Spock’s hair, you have to understand how a wax Dudley Moore figurine, margaritas over dinner, an airplane hangar and a hole in the ceiling figure into the story.


Steve who grew up in Pomona and Lori, who grew up in Cypress, went to the Movieland Wax Museum auction in 2006 ready to buy. Movieland, the once-popular tourist attraction in Buena Park, had gone out of business and was parting ways with its wax replicas of movie stars. On the day they showed up for that auction, Steve and Lori had no idea they would someday be involved in Star Trek lore. They each called themselves “Star Trek fans, but not freaks.” They had never been to a convention, never participated in cosplay.

Their goals that day were simple: Lori wanted to buy a Dudley Moore figurine from “Arthur,” and Steve wanted a replica of Stella Stevens, a Hollywood bombshell.

The prices for both were too high. “Let’s get out of here,” Steve told Lori.

But before they left, Steve put his name on the “pass list.” In case the person who bought an item can’t come up with the money — they would “pass” on buying it — Movieland needed a backup list.

Four days…

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