7 Reasons why Liverpool is the perfect place for Cinema Lovers

Calling all fans of Hollywood blockbusters, film noir and independent productions!

2017 has been and continues to be, another incredible year of film. From blockbusters like La La Land, Dunkirk and the Oscar winning Moonlight, to the indie flicks such as A Ghost Story and the critically acclaimed Get Out, 2017 really has had something for everyone (although lets maybe glaze past the Emoji Movie).

Let us show you why our city if the perfect place for film fans and cinema fans….

1 – The Multiplex – Odeon

Perhaps the most obvious choice, a multi-plex can be found in almost every city and we have two! If big screens, popcorn and an array of different showings is what matters to you for a successful night at the cinema, then Odeon is the one. We are lucky enough to have Odeon in the heart of the city centre at Liverpool One shopping complex so that you can enjoy a film after an evening meal, shopping spree or before a few drinks. Also, for those who don’t want to busy themselves with a trip in to town, then head over to Odeon Switch Island for all the latest big name releases, a little closer to home.

2 – The Indie – FACT

Easily one of the cities most cherished creative hubs; FACT is also home to a Picturehouse Cinema that shows a combination of the latest blockbusters as well as independent, smaller releases. Picturehouse at FACT does an incredible job of also showing classics and cult films for those who missed out on seeing them first time round, or just want to catch them again. Finally, if you get chance, make sure that you settle down to a screening in their famous Box screen, where you can enjoy the latest releases in the comfort of a two-person couch. First date territory for sure.

3 – The Retro – The Plaza

It can be easy to forget just how magical a trip to your local picture house could be when the culture first hit the main stream. However, step one foot in to The Plaza Cinema on Crosby Road…

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