6 Family Members, Including 4 Children, Presumed Dead In Harvey Floods

Six people in the same family, including four children, are presumed dead after floodwaters caused by Tropical Storm Harvey inundated their van on Sunday afternoon.

Samuel Saldivar had been driving his relatives to safety when rising floodwaters suddenly “overcame” their van, according to CBS affiliate KHOU-TV, which first reported the tragedy in northern Harris County, Texas.

Saldivar said the victims were his elderly parents and his four great-nieces and nephews, who were between the ages of 6 and 16, KHOU-TV reported, citing Harris County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jason Spencer.

Texas officials have yet to confirm the deaths, saying they haven’t located the submerged van. Authorities did say there had been “six suspected flood-related deaths” in Harris County, but it’s not clear if they were referring to the Saldivar family.

As the vehicle began to sink, Saldivar managed to climb out of the driver-side window and shouted at the children to escape from the back, a relative told The Associated Press. He survived the ordeal by hanging onto a tree limb, KHOU-TV reported.

Virginia Saldivar, who identified herself as the driver’s sister-in-law and the children’s grandmother, said the kids and their great-grandparents weren’t able to escape in time.

“Sam calls my husband and tells him, ‘They’re gone,’” she told the AP. “That’s when my husband dropped the phone and started screaming.”

Ric Saldivar, Samuel’s brother, said it all happened extremely quickly. Samuel heard the children scream as the van was rapidly swept away, Ric told KTRK-TV.

Ashley Hiser Jackson, a California-based relative, confirmed the identities of the six missing family members as Manuel Saldivar, 84; Belia Saldivar, 81; Daisy Saldivar, 6; Xavier Saldivar, 8; Dominic Saldivar, 14; and…

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