6 awesome augmented reality apps making waves in the market

Augmented Reality (AR) is nothing new. However, the recent Apple iOS update and iPhone announcement are certainly going to help make this immersive format more mainstream.

Nowadays, the latest advancements in the tech world are being brought directly to the everyday mobile user with all kinds of innovations and even more interactive experiences.

Here are six of the most interesting apps currently on the market with AR capabilities.

1. Eyemaps

Ever wanted a device that made you feel like a James Bond super-spy? Well, Eyemaps can offer you some secret agent-style intel on your surroundings. Even though you may not save the world with this information, you can certainly impress those around you. Eyemaps integrates AR with your device’s camera to determine your location and list geographical facts about your surroundings.

It creates a 3D rendition of any location in the world, displaying the names of mountains, rivers, historic landmarks, and more. The app also includes embedded links to the Wikipedia pages of major landmarks too, offering the ultimate tour guide experience right from your device.

Eyemaps is available for iPhone and iPad on iTunes, and for Android on the Google Play store.

2. Gadget flow

One of the biggest drawbacks of online shopping is you don’t really know what you’re getting until it shows up on your doorstep. Gadget Flow aims to lessen this unfortunate effect. This app gives you an AR-fueled first glimpse at the latest tech products on the market.

An Etsy-type shopping site for the newest widgets, accessories, and all things tech, Gadget Flow has thousands of products on its platform. They make it a point to add twelve new ones every day! Gadget Flow allows you to explore each item with a 3D view, as well as an AR function that enables users to virtually handle the product and see how all the features work. In turn, providing a totally immersive experience before making a purchase.

Gadget Flow is available…

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