$50 to never lose your phone again

The $50 Amazon Echo Dot and $50 Google Home Mini aren’t just inexpensive voice assistants — they’re now the quickest, easiest way to ring a lost phone.

Chris Monroe/CNET

It doesn’t happen every day. But if you’re anything like me, you lose your phone in the couch, blankets, bathroom or heap of tech piled atop your coffee table on a semi-regular basis.

At that point, you’ve got a few options. “Hey honey, can you call my phone?” Or you can try one of Google or Apple’s handy “Find my device” tools in your web browser, if you’ve got a laptop or tablet handy. 

But there’s a better, faster way to locate your missing phone. One where you can just say “Find my phone” — you know, with your voice — to start it ringing.

I’m talking about the $50 Google Home Mini or identically-priced Amazon Echo Dot — a pair of always-listening voice assistants that can call your phone on command. Just this past month, Amazon’s Echo gained the ability to make free calls in North America, and the Google Assistant added the ability to natively dial Android phones using hooks built into the operating system.

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How to find your lost phone using Google Home


In case I’m not being totally clear, here’s just how easy this process is now: 

  1. I literally say “OK Google, find my phone” or “Alexa, find my phone” out loud.
  2. I say “Yes,” or “Yes, call my phone” at the first prompt.
  3. My phone rings. 
  4. There is no step four.

With Google Home and an Android phone, it’ll ring loudly even if your phone is set to silent mode. 

The Amazon Echo in particular is a huge gateway drug — a gateway…

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