5 job options you have with a civil engineering degree

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. April 25, 2017/ Troy Media/ – If you have an interest in engineering it’s now possible to obtain your civil engineering degree online by using one of the many online degree programs that Ohio University has on offer. The construction industry is crying out for talented individuals with engineering qualifications to start a career on one of the many engineering paths available. If you have any interest in engineering you should have a look at the possible career paths on offer if you’ve obtained your online civil engineering degree.

1. Structural engineer

Becoming a structural engineer isn’t easy, as you’ll not only need the required degrees but you’ll also need to be good with math, science, and have the experience to problem solve should any arise. Once you do have the qualifications, a structural engineering career offers many exciting prospects. One of the many benefits of becoming a structural engineer is that you’ll not only have to come up with creative ideas to design unique structures but you could travel the world whilst doing so.

2. Building control surveyor

If you’d prefer a job that doesn’t require much physical work, becoming a building control surveyor could be the career path for you. You’re responsible for looking at building plans and then checking to make sure all new constructions are in line with certain building regulations. The job is tough in terms of having lots of work to get through, but it can be a very rewarding career with plenty of career progression opportunities.

3. Water engineer

As a water engineer, you’ll generally work with clean water to try and improve living standards, but you could also work with any liquids depending on the sector you choose. The job is different every day; you could be helping to solve problems with global warming one day and the next you might have to come up with innovative ideas to defend local towns against flooding.

4. Site engineer

If you’re looking for more of a supervisory role within the engineering industry you may benefit from becoming a site engineer. A site engineer will oversee an engineering project and will have to connect with all contractors on site to make sure the project runs as smoothly as possible.

5. Nuclear engineer

For a more scientific-based engineering role, you could benefit from becoming a nuclear engineer. No two days are the same as an engineer in the nuclear power plant sector. One project could see you decommission a power plant alongside a small team and another project could see you design new nuclear power plant technology.

Working in the civil engineering industry provides many benefits. Not only will you have the chance to work in one of the many different sectors once you have a civil engineering degree but you’ll also have the chance to progress your career even further once you’ve established yourself in a specific sector. The above jobs are just some of the many career paths you can choose to…

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