5 Funnels to Increase Subscriber Engagement

Let’s play a game! Which subscriber would you rather have?

Subscriber A – Joins your list, stays for a few years, opens emails regularly (every 2 or 3 emails), but has never forwarded your content or shared it on social channels. A consistent subscriber, yet you’ve never interacted with this person and don’t know what they’re about.

Or how about…

Subscriber B – Joins your list, opens emails regularly, offers feedback on their interests and your content, and is inclined to share and recommend you to their social channels. You know their first name, what they are about, and quite possibly how they came to know you.

Choose as you wish, but if you ask us here at FeedBlitz HQ, we’d rather have a full serving of Subscriber B any day of the week! At this moment, your list may be primarily Subscriber As, and that’s ok. With a few tweaks, you can slowly turn those As into Bs and continue to grow a list of engaged subscribers.

Cultivating Interactive, Engaged Subscribers

To put it simply: Engaged subscribers are happy subscribers who are more likely to like and share your content, helping to grow your list organically. A healthy, engaged list places you on a path to greater monetization and partnership possibilities down the road.

Get started creating this environment by implementing a few funnels that encourage interaction while generating a connection with your reader. The beauty of working with funnels is once set in place, they will run automatically.

5 Funnels to Increase Subscriber Engagement

1. The Welcome Funnel

One of the most common funnels to send, the welcome funnel (sometimes called a welcome campaign) is sent when a subscriber confirms his or her subscription to your mailing list. You’re simply welcoming the new subscriber to your list and thanking them for joining. This funnel can also be used to deliver an incentive offer as it’s sent immediately after subscription confirmation.


2. Getting to Know You Funnel

An extension of a welcome funnel,…

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