3 Imperial Paver Tips from EP Henry

Beautiful budget priced Imperial Rustic Cobble Stone and Rustic Double Face Wall Chestnut by EP Henry come together to create a magnificent patio complete with fireplace.

When comparing traditional patio materials like concrete or wood, neither come close in beauty to paving stones. New pavers tend to cost more upfront but homeowners choose them for their durability and low maintenance. The stone surface of a lovely walkway or patio is instantly recognizable as an amenity of a higher-end dwelling, but the charm and strength of a paving stone surface is within reach for homeowners on a budget. The trick is finding the right paving stone system to complement the home’s exterior. Many paving stone manufacturers offer options at a lower-price point than their premium lines.

Paving stones in the smart-budget category typically come in fewer shape, size and color options but the pavers are attractive, strong and efficient. They’re a great choice for homeowners who are reaching for a home improvement that will return an amazing value for their money and effort. Any paver project has many aspects, like ancillary materials, transport, and labor, that make up its final cost. The pavers themselves represent just one of those costs, but “budget conscious” does not have to mean “compromise.” Imperial pavers from EP Henry are an example of popular smart-budget pavers for spaces like pool decks, driveways, or walks. A few tricks of the trade can help achieve an impressive look for less money.

Here are 3 key tips to getting a luxurious-looking patio on a budget.

1.    Research. Many manufacturers offer a budget conscious paver line. If an outdoor project also calls for a garden or retaining wall, the manufacturer may also provide a…

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