2 x 2 Prosperity Formula

Have you heard about 2×2 Prosperity Formula Business Opportunity? Who wouldn’t enjoy working from the comforts of your very own home and having your own website closing sales for you? That is the theory that the 2×2 Prosperity Formula opportunity presents.

What makes this business worth checking out is because you know right from the start it’s perfect for both the experienced marketer and new marketer. Another point to consider is that it’s a world wide opportunity. If you are just starting out and you have no recruiting or marketing experience, then you should see what 2 x 2 Prosperity Formula is about. Let’s take an indept look at this brand new opportunity:

2×2 Prosperity Formula Opportunity

You will literally be earning as your learning. Where else are you going to find a system that gives you leads, follows up with them, calls them or text message them to attend our webinars and promotes your affiliate programs? Whether or not you lack certain skills required to get prospects to your website, the Pre Builder will provide leads for you. It comes prepared with your very own autoresponder fully loaded with emails ready to be sent off to do all the telling and selling for you.

2×2 Prosperity Formula Products

There are three products that are included with your program, Leads, Prosperity Training Vault and the Digital Library. The Prosperity Training Vault is fully loaded with videos to teach you techniques like List Building, Web 2.0, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), how to use social networks sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace to bring in even more traffic. Giving you multiple streams of income. What comes with the system? The system comes with leads, capture pages, autoresponder, marketing training, downline builder and a feeder program.

2×2 Prosperity Formula Compensation Plan

Let’s say that your budget only allows you to come into the system at the bronze level, after you cycle 15 times, the pre-builder will automatically upgrade you to the silver level and 1000 leads, then to the gold level and 2000 leads all the way up to the platinum level, spitting out $ 125, $ 250, $ 500 and $ 1,000 for a total of $ 1875.00 in commissions from all 4 levels! 4 Levels in the cycler: All One Time Fee, NO Monthly Charges!! Bronze $ 75.00 – Comes with 500 leads, SILVER $ 150.00 – Comes with 1000 leads, GOLD $ 300.00 – Comes with 2000 leads, PLATINUM $ 600.00 – Comes with 4000 leads.

2×2 Prosperity Formula Training & Support

2×2 Prosperity Formula went so far as to add a state of the art training center with the ability to put the newbie in profit so that they can take their time learning the internet and become equipped for success. How many programs do you know that will give you leads and tools to help you promote. Some programs do not even give you the capture page, let alone an autoresponder fully loaded with pre-written letters.

In conclusion, what you will love most about the 2 x 2 Prosperity Formula is that while it is driving traffic, telling and selling for you, you will finally have the chance to earn while you learn getting the type of training only the successful marketers are doing. 2×2 Prosperity formula appears to provide unique products to cater to several industries’ needs, while providing its members the opportunity to earn a substantial income. However, success is dependent upon each individual member’s ability to market not only the products, but the opportunity itself.

Colon Bolden is a outstanding internet marketer who enjoys showing others what programs are the easiest to make money online . He insures you have what’s required to be successful. For more knowledge on why his business is helping other marketers make money with little to no effort, check out www.adcgenerator.com

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