$15,000 grant helps school rebuild library and computer lab after storm rips off roof

WAGONER, Okla. (KTUL) – Ellington Elementary celebrated a generous donation Tuesday after a summer storm ripped their roof off and destroyed the school’s library and computer lab.

Getting ready for the 2016-2017 school year, Cheryl Blair, the school’s librarian, expected to go back to her library just the way she left it.

“I had gone off for the summer thinking oh I put my library to bed, it looks so good and then I come back and it is a total disaster,” she said.

A July storm ripped the roof off and ruined everything inside.

“I think it rained in here three times before we were able to get another roof on,” Blair said.

Some books, DVDS and their smart board made it. The school had to replace the floors, roof and computers with insurance money.

“It was devastating to our building,” said Brian Hummingbird, principal at Ellington Elementary. “It was two weeks before school started and so we’ve been in the long, long process of insurance and cataloging and weeding books out and putting books back.”

With help, Blair went through everything and saved as much as she could.

Hummingbird’s wife told her about a grant from Dollar General that helped out damaged libraries. Four weeks after applying she found out she got it.

“I get an email and I just jumped up and screamed and hopped around the library like an idiot,” said Blair. “I was glad nobody was in here.”

Gregory Hunter and his Dollar General team presented her with the $15,000 check.

“It’s really great that our company is able to give back and support this school,” Hunter said.

With the public schools’ budget right now, Hummingbird said the extra money is going to go a long way for Ellington Elementary.

“We sometimes can’t even buy new library books and with this $15,000 grant it’s going to be a huge boost and a blessing,” he said.

Anyone can help by donating gently-used books and hardback books to the school.

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