12 Questions with Connery Lundin

After ski racing through high school, Connery Lundin, 27, switched gears and went on to win the 2015 Freeride World Tour, which led to his breakout film segment, and a role in Matchstick Productions’ new movie, Drop Everything. This interview is the extension of the “Pro Deal” quiz which ran in the September issue of POWDER (46.1).

How old were you when you learned to ski?
I was 2 years old. My dad grew up in the Midwest and he loved skiing. He was all about Squaw in the ’60s. He thought was the coolest place—and it still is super cool—so we came up every weekend (Connery grew up in the Bay Area). He got me into it, but I hated it when I was little. I totally liked warm weather and the beach, but dad was persistent and now I love it.

As an ex-racer, what are your feelings on boot bags?
Hell, no.

If you can do it on rollerblades, you can do it on skis.

Did you ever have a moment when you realized you wanted to ski for a living?
Ski Movie III: The Front Line made me want to be a pro skier. It’s a mind-blowing film with all sorts of skiing, not just park, and the coolest skiers. A lot of it was filmed in Squaw so I pretended to be those guys.

I have 1,000 favorite skiers. Candide for his speed, C.R. Johnson for his diversity, Tanner Hall for his passion for the sport, even if he is a loose cannon at times. Tom Wallisch for his creativity. And McConkey for all of those things.

It seems like most of the skiers crushing it right now have racing backgrounds. Ever miss it?
I liked racing, but I was always trying to bring my twin tips with slalom and GS skis. My coach would unzip my bag and throw them off the top of the truck. I’d think, ‘Damn it, now I have to slide rails on my slalom skis.’

When I was 19, racing was hyper-competitive and I didn’t get to freeski at all. It sucked all the fun out of skiing and I wasn’t racing well because of it. I knew then I wanted to be done with racing. Thank God I quit.

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