10th Annual Naperville Independent Film Festival celebrates showcase of the best tonight

Above / NIFFTY Awards will be presented to recognize the best in 10 categories during the final evening of the 2017 Naperville Independent Film Festival. (PN File Photo)

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The 10th annual Naperville Independent Film Festival will host its NIFFTY awards ceremony during the final gala evening of the 8-day event live on Saturday evening, Sept. 30.

The closing ceremony begins at 7PM at the Hollywood Palms Cinema. Awards will be given in 10 categories including best director, best documentary, best animation, etc.

Movie clips of every festival selection will be shown on the big screen while the audience enjoys the “big, comfy recliners while waiters deliver drinks” with full dinner entrees from a menu. Popcorn and soft drinks also are available for the evening’s festivities.

Total ticket price is $17.50 for this evening’s closing ceremony. Very limited seating remains available.

Select a seat and purchase tickets from the film festival website or from Hollywood Palms Cinema.

Hollywood Palms Cinema is located at 352 S. Route 59, just north of Aurora Avenue in Westridge Court.

2017 nominees for the best in 10 categories

Just prior to the presentation of each NIFFTY, a clip from the movie will be shown to give the audience a taste of the wide array of talent that entered this year’s festival. Congratulations to all entries from near and far, waiting to hear the answer to the famous statement, “And the winner is…”

Best Student-Produced Film
  Forest of Echoes
  In Our Country
  Saba, The Unspoiled Queen
  The Transfer

Best Animation
  The Killer Buzz
  One Per Person
  The Past Inside The Present
  Wishing Box

Best Short
  Albedo Absolute
  Hey Blue Eyes
  In A Dream

Best Documentary
  Dribbling Dreams
  Hard to Believe
  Operation: The Power of Play
  Saba, The Unspoiled Queen
  Searching For Lady Day

Best Feature
  Black Cat
  Fairytales For Emma
  The Happys
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