10 soap characters you’d forgotten were teenage mums, from EastEnders’ Shirley to Emmerdale’s Charity

Adolescent Son had a one-night stand with Martin Fowler which they did their best to forget – but a little reminder emerged 9 months later. This came as quite a shock to Sonia, who had no idea she was preggers until she started screaming in pain.

With no idea what was happening (did she just think she’d eaten something dodgy?), before she knew it Sonia was giving birth on Dot’s sofa, with daughter Chloe (changed to Bex when she was briefly adopted) delivered by Big Mo Harris. Imagine that being the first face you saw as you entered the world.

5. Sarah Platt (Coronation Street)

She’s all grown up now (even though she’s barely aged a day – what moisturiser does that girl use?), but Sarah-Lou brought shame to her family in 1999 when she became the Street’s first underage mum, expecting a child at just 12 years of age.

We followed Sarah’s struggle as a single young parent but now daughter Bethany’s almost an adult herself, it all seems so long ago. To think at Bethany’s age, Sarah had a 4-year old kid!

6. Shirley Carter (EastEnders)

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Another of those ‘Let’s bring the illegitimate kid up as a sibling’ ideas (it NEVER works!), it was only revealed a few years ago that Shirl was Mick’s mum, not his sister – a family secret only a select few knew for almost 40 years.

Whisked off some time in the late ’70s to a grotty caravan in Ramsgate, Sylvie and Aunt Babe delivered teenage Shirley’s son, with Sylvie passing it off to hubby Stan as theirs. It transpired Sylvie and Aunt Babe ran a baby farm taking kids off unwed mothers and selling them to childless couples, so just be grateful Mick wasn’t sold to the highest bidder.

7. Charity Dingle (Emmerdale)

Charity had been in the show some years before a secret from her past was revealed – she and cousin Cain had a daughter together when they were teenagers (they’re Dingles, it’s what they do).

The child was adopted, but what do you know? That kid ended up in Emmerdale village 13 years later as…

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