Zola Jesus Talks New Album Okovi Ahead of Denver’s Underground Music Showcase

Thursday, July 27, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.

The world has changed a lot since the release of the 2014 Zola Jesus album Taiga. That record was the only one that Nika Roza Danilova, aka Zola Jesus, has put out with well-known experimental-music label Mute, which she doesn’t regret working with. But for her forthcoming album, 2017’s Okovi, she is returning to the smaller independent label that nurtured her early career, Sacred Bones, an imprint started by former Coloradan Caleb Braaten.

“I loved Mute, but I missed that sense of home and sense of family I had with Sacred Bones,” says Danilova. “So I was just ready to come back.”

That sort of homecoming extended beyond just going back to a record label that offered familiarity and comfort. Since the rise of Zola Jesus as a buzz artist in underground circles, Danilova has lived alternately in New York, Los Angeles and Washington. She has written spacious, emotionally cathartic music that parallels and perhaps informs some of the minimal synth, atmospheric post-punk, goth rock and industrial music that has emerged as a cohesive scene over the past decade. Danilova even worked with industrial-music legend J.G. Thirlwell on the 2013 remix album of her earlier material, Versions.

Despite her success, Danilova experienced an existential crisis over the past three years, and she moved back to Wisconsin and built a house on the land where she grew up. Hummel had traveled far, guided by her creative vision, but her intuition brought her back to where that journey began.

“Other than the things happening around me in terms of the emotional situations I was put in by people around me, I felt [drawn back] back [to the] land where I cut my teeth on who I am,” explains Danilova. “That’s where I discovered the things that made me different from other people, and that’s where I grew up. Going back, I felt this comfort and freedom to be that person. There’s no one…

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