ZenCrate Provides an Innovative Solution for the More Than 32 Million Dogs Suffering from Anxiety

Zencrate creators, Chris Lightcap and Jonathan Azevedo with Charger

Lightcap and Azevedo aim to forever change the way pet owners, animal shelters, and veterinarians approach animals with anxiety.

PNP Robotics launches ZenCrate, the world’s first motion-activated, intelligent pet crate specifically designed to reduce anxiety in dogs. Using scientifically-proven strategies including sound therapy and vibration-dampening technology, ZenCrate is constructed to provide a safe place for dogs during anxiety attacks.

Created by partners Jonathan Azevedo and Chris Lightcap, the idea of ZenCrate emerged when Azevedo noticed his Golden Retriever, Charger, was consistently suffering from anxiety and storm phobia, especially during frequent South Florida thunderstorms. Azevedo explains, “In 2014, I teamed up with my business partner Chris Lightcap, and we explored solutions to address Chargers anxiety. We researched what causes anxiety in dogs, how dogs sense and feel things differently than we do, and how dogs naturally seek comfort during times of anxiety. After substantial research, we designed and built the first ZenCrate prototype.” Lightcap and Azevedo aim to forever change the way pet owners, animal shelters, and veterinarians approach animals with anxiety.

ZenCrate is controlled through motion-sensored technology that activates when dogs enter their crate or through a Mobile App which allows Pet Owners to activate features and encourage positive reinforcement. When a dog enters ZenCrate, calming music and a whisper-quiet fan begin; dogs are immediately calmed by the security of the intimate space and the added stress relieving features.

Current ZenCrate features include:

Motion-Activated Music with Curated Anti-Anxiety Playlist

WiFi Enabled To View Your Pet from Smartphones

Battery Backup to Prevent Power Outages

Sound Insulation to Reduce Anxiety

Orthopedic Memory Foam

Motion-Activated Fan for Improved Ventilation

Vibration Dampening Feet

Easy At-Home Assembly

Made in the US

ZenCrate fulfilled their Kickstarter goal by 182% in September 2016 by raising $145,784 with the support of 325 backers. Funds from the Kickstarter campaign will be used to towards the costs of manufacturing the ZenCrate at a facility based in Sunrise, Florida.

To request an interview with the co-founders of ZenCrate, please contact Melissa of Mad Studios at melissas(at)madstudios(dot)net or 410-610-6321.

ZenCrate was created in 2014 by robotics engineers Jonathan Azevedo and Chris Lightcap as a solution to Azevedo’s Yellow Labrador, Charger’s, persistent storm phobia and related anxiety. The ZenCrate design was inspired by identifying and combining remedies to address the drivers of animal anxiety…

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