Would You Like To Know Why Luxury Brand Name Anti Aging Facial Skin Care Treatments Are Not What They Claim To Be

The renowned brand-name skin care companies have pounded one distinct message into skin care shoppers for decades now. That the more you pay the better the results you get!

Do you believe this?

Well, if you do it’s time for you to find out the truth which is as simple as this: The ‘big-brand’ skin care companies do not put together more superior, more effective anti aging skin care formulas.

Just read down the page to discover why.

One of the main reasons is the enormous size of their organizational set-ups along with tremendously complex distribution networks. The logistics therefore, of producing a brand new formula and getting it to tens of thousands of sales points around the world is a enormously complex, time consuming undertaking.

This creates the need for protracted lead in times before a new product can be released and circulated. Around about two years is normally the duration of lead-in it takes these enormous companies to move new products to market. When a new ingredient breakthrough is discovered, smaller ‘lean’ companies can reformulate and have a new product ready inside a handful of months. For big brand name companies this is plainly not realizable.

These are the reasons why high-priced elite brand skin care products are not up to date nor produced with the most effective skin care science and ingredients currently established.

In spite of this, the slick and crafty marketing presentations of the big-brands successfully lure many consumers into believing the complete opposite and paying ridiculously over-inflated prices for the ‘latest’ skin care technology!


All anti aging skin care product companies are utterly sensitive to what their consumers call for from the their products. Their fancy creams and serums are expected to (considerably) reduce the observable signs of aging by focusing in on these key factors:

Lessen and diminish fine lines and wrinkles

Hone in on sun damage – including age spots, freckles and discolorations

Work on tightening up the skins elasticity

Establish a plainly visible, more youthful appearance

The elite brand companies in particular go to huge lengths and expenditure to make sure we’re all aware of what’s going on with the most up-to-date, most superior skin rejuvenation technology which will accomplish these product goals above. They spend a small fortune ‘educating’ their target markets (but this expense is a prime driver for inflating the final purchase price of the products).

For instance, just ask any female skin care consumer about the latest anti aging skin care product science and they’ll tell you that there are 3 main parts to it:

Deal with the deficiency of collagen and elastin with confirmed ingredients that have been shown to build up the levels of these

Addressing decreasing levels of hyaluronic acid with clinically proven ingredients which can boost hyaluronic acid levels

Lessen the harmful effects of oxidation from health destroying free radicals by using the most effective antioxidants

So, even though the big brand name companies make sure we know these three scientific ‘basics’ are what’s needed to comprehensively treat the causes of skin aging, we must ask ourselves whether in fact these famous brands actually contain highly effective ‘anti aging’ ingredients to address THE WHOLE THREE?

Yes, it’s true.

For the reasons you’re now aware of they simply can’t afford to deal with all three. It all comes down to the mighty dollar! A quick and basic evaluation of their active ingredients proves that they usually aim at only one and in the best case scenario, ‘two’, of the causes of skin aging!

The crux of the matter here is that these fundamental causes of skin aging are Interconnected and INTERDEPENDENT on one another so unless you treat all three of them concurrently, you will not be victorious with your anti aging program.

The bottom line therefore when sizing-up the ‘effectiveness’ perspective of any anti aging skin care treatment, is to be certain a skin care product contains clinically established ingredients which address ALL THREE causes of skin aging.

That’s just for starters. Next we need to take accept that there are effective ‘anti aging’ ingredients and then there ARE highly effective ‘anti aging’ ingredients! The bottom line here is that if you’re totally resolute in achieving your anti aging goals and at the same time demand excellent value for the money you spend, then you must give some thought to the ‘DEGREE OF EFFECTIVENESS’ of the ‘anti aging’ ingredients contained in any product that grabs your attention!

Now, its essential to be conscious of the fact that there are effective anti aging ingredients and then there ARE highly effective anti aging ingredients!

Therefore, even though they are able to include some ‘proven’ anti aging ingredients (which can be up to 2 years ‘old’ and are no longer the ‘most effective’ choices) and in spite of the reality that their formulas do not deal with all three causes of skin aging, – their cost/profit load and the fact that they formulate products to a pre-determined price, means that they can only put in the key anti aging ingredients in VERY CLINICALLY INEFFECTIVE DOSES.

On this theme let me share a home truth with you. It completely common in the skin care industry to include an effective, proven ingredient in a product formula (so that a label ‘claim’ be made) but to include it in ridiculous minute ineffective dose quantities!

In other words, the ingredient amounts used are nowhere near the levels at which the ingredient has been proven effective in clinical studies.

To highlight this point let’s assume that the best results for a given highly effective anti aging ingredient were achieved with a 3% strength. Naturally then, that is precisely the concentration which a skincare company ought to use. Instead, it’s common place to see companies putting in a quantity in the region of 0.2% rather than the optimal 3%, just so legally they can make a label claim.

The remainder of the formula is chiefly water, glycerine and other ingredients which make up the cream base.

The balance of the formula is primarily water, glycerine and other ingredients to produce the cream.


The miniature concentrations of key active ingredients used in luxury brand anti aging skin care formulas make it unattainable to reach the full extent of their marketing claims (for the bulk of users). By maintaining any product test groups exceptionally small and then marketing product results in more general, non quantifiable ways, the ‘big brands’ are able to put together’ and submit their ‘version’ of the truth / facts.

I want to make it clear that I’m not saying that you can’t achieve significant ‘real’ anti aging benefits from a big brand anti aging skin care product! What I want to emphasize however is that those results are not the most effective possible (from a clinical/scientific standpoint) and they offer very low value with their revoltingly over-inflated price tags.

The famed ‘elite’ brand anti aging skin care creams and serums are not priced in line with the cost of manufacturing them but rather at the very highest price limit which the market will accept. Paying in the region of $ 70, $ 80, $ 100 and beyond is essentially wasting money! It’s simply not necessary to part with this type of money in order to get the results you’re looking for. While I’m talking about ‘results’, there’s another vital issue to consider when it comes to elite brand name skin care products. That is their safety. This is a critical area which you need to become knowledgeable in because we’re dealing with your health (present and future) and longevity. It will probably come as no surprise to you that the issue of ‘safety’ is another area in which the majority of companies (including elite brands) have things to hide from you.


The safest and scientifically most effective anti aging skin care products are formulated and sold by extensively smaller intermediate sized companies, who, for the most part you’re not likely to be familiar with (unless you’re in the know!) That’s purely because they don’t have or rely on immense marketing budgets like the well-known elite brands do to construct huge marketing range.

Rather, their marketing philosophies are based on word of mouth from satisfied customers and they are selling directly to the customer by way of the Internet only. This demonstrates the most cost effective production paradigm presently available. By steering clear of expensive promotion and distribution methodologies they are capable of channeling enormous savings back into their products.

This results in

The most up to date, most efficient breakthrough active ingredients

In scientifically effective amounts

The use of (far more costly) all natural ingredients and total avoidance of chemical based ingredients

On top of this comes one more vital feature -and this is what moves the best skin care companies to the top of the pack. They maintain their profit margins small and price their products in line with the expense of manufacturing them. (They settle for a reasonable profit!)


While reading through this article, you’re no doubt aware of the number of time I’ve mentioned this phrase: mentioning this phrase: “The ‘most effective’ anti aging ingredients”. Naturally, these are what everyone’s interested in. Therefore I’m going to devote my follow up post to a discussion of the:


The Big Three are the up-to-the-minute ‘breakthrough’ anti aging ingredients! Clinical investigation underlying them, particularly in respect of stimulating collagen and elastin regrowth and for building up hyaluronic acid levels, are superb.

My ‘spies’ working in the industry reported that the elite brand companies are currently in their (long) lead in period to release new formulas based on the ‘Big Three’ or at least one or two of them. (If you’re a fan of big brand name products, remember you’ll be waiting a lengthy time to benefit from their new products containing any of the ‘Big Three’.

The business which self manufactures and sells the anti aging skin care product I use, already includes the ‘Big Three’. The bottom line of why I wanted to use this company’s products is simply because they use the ‘Big Three’ in the EXACT concentrations as those contained in the successful clinical studies.

‘Xtend-Life’ is the company. They operate out of New Zealand. Their organizational set-up falls in line with the cost effective organizational/production criteria I listed above. They’re a lean, flexible, medium sized family owned company, selling direct to the consumer only through the internet. Of key importance is the fact that there are no shareholders or venture capitalists associated with the company and so on. That’s why they can formulate and sell such highly effective and unmatched cell rejuvenation products at a half to a third the price of the luxury brand name products. That’s a sizable difference!

From what I’ve learned in my discussions with the company chairman (how many skin care companies would let you get through to their chairman let alone get a reply from him/her!) they employ a leading German cosmetic chemist who heads up their research and development. Unlike an overwhelming majority of companies, who set their research people a maximum financial amount that they may use for each 100 grams of product, Xtend-Life uses no such restrictions. The net result of this is that their raw ingredients costs are as much as 3 times greater than those of some of the leading elite brands. Their interent based marketing and distribution approach allows them to absorb these additional expenses yet roll out the industry’s most effective anti aging skin care products.

When it comes to less recognized but highly trustworthy skin care companies, like Xtend-Life, I can confirm that there are other fantastic companies out there who already use one or (in not so many cases) two of the Big Three AND at the clinically established quantities. But I know of no other company that combine multiple actives in a synergistic way like the Xtend-Life skin care formulas have… in other words, none that have the same extent of active ingredients in their finished product.

I’m telling you that because the Xtend-Life company use in excess of a whopping 40 active ingredients in their anti aging products. Every product they formulate is safe enough to eat – all ingredients are completely and totally ALL NATURAL. There are no hidden chemicals of any kind and all ingredients are proven in clinical trials to be TRULY EFFECTIVE!

Brett was employed in the skin care industry. Upon retiring he created skincare-antiaging-secrets.com to discuss the truth about anti aging skin care treatment facts. Learn which critical questions to ask when shopping for effective anti aging skin care treatments

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