Working of Electric Utility Vehicles

Apparently there is much similarity between electric cars and gas powered cars. In electric car the main accessories which are lacking is a gas tank and a tail pipe but if you will see its overall structure then you will feel that it is basically the same thing. But the main difference you will observe when you will lift up the hood. Once the hood is lifted, you will get strange by looking the main difference between gas powered cars and electric cars. You will see that under the hood there is an electric motor along with the controller instead of a big and heavy engine. As electric motor runs without tune-ups, oil so there is not any requirement of smog checks or tailpipe emissions.

The battery pack which is the power source of electric vehicles is placed in the trunk. You can easily see it under your electric car. This battery pack is nothing but just a group of number of batteries. Once you start your vehicle, you will not feel any difference between gases powered vehicle and electric utility vehicle. In electric van or electric car, these batteries play a role of ‘gas tank’. It helps the electric motor to move the vehicle smoothly by making supply of the required energy. It also has a controller which is as good as the regulator of the vehicle. It controls the power of the battery and supply the required amount of power to the electric motor. If this power is not regulated properly and excess power is supplied then it will burn the motor of the vehicle. So controller plays an important role in moving the vehicle.

You will feel that the rest of the features in the electric vehicle are same to that of the gas powered vehicle like brakes, transmission, air bags and air conditioning. In most of the new EVs, you will find a single battery under the hood along with the pack of the battery. The battery which is solitary is recharged constantly by the main battery pack. The energy of this battery is used to power different electronic devices of the…

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