WireCash Launches Instant ACH Payment for International Money Transfers

“Other money transfer companies have struggled to develop the required technology to offer instant ACH payments for customers.”

WireCash.com, the online and mobile marketplace for international money transfers announced today that customer payments with bank accounts will now be processed at the same speed as debit and credit cards, with no additional cost.

Other money transfer companies add lengthy delays before transfers are released for payment. For example, Western Union takes 4-5 business days when you choose to pay with a bank account. With WireCash, customers can choose to pay with their bank account and still reap the benefits of fast – frequently instant – payout. This makes payout speed the main difference of WireCash.com’s innovative Instant ACH service.

WireCash leverages proprietary technology, including the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to be one of the very few money transfer companies to offer Instant ACH. Other money transfer companies have struggled to develop the required technical infrastructure in order to be able to offer instant ACH. Companies like Western Union have aimed to launch a similar service as early as 2014, yet at the time of this release, it was still not available in the U.S.

“Our focus is to leverage technology to empower our money transfer partners to reach the maximum number of customers,” said Ran Grushkowsky Co-Founder and CEO of WireCash. “Accepting bank accounts via Instant ACH without compromising speed reaffirms our commitment to deliver the convenience and features that are most desired by money senders in the U.S. – all without added costs”.

Money senders will also find added convenience of paying with a bank account as there are no expiration…

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