Why is Studio Wildcard paying Ark modders $4,000 a month? GamesBeat Decides | VentureBeat | PC Gaming

Many consumers made it clear in 2015 that they don’t want to pay for mods on Steam for games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — even though many players very much want to continue using and enjoying that content. So to encourage more development in this space, Ark: Survival Evolved developer Studio Wildcard is going to start paying mods itself.

As part of its newly announced Ark Sponsored Mod program, Studio Wildcard will hand select certain mod creators that will receive $4,000 per month to continue working on that content. I spoke with Studio Wildcard cofounder and lead designer Jeremy Stieglitz and community manager Cedric Burkes about why the developer started this program, how it will choose who to support, and how it thinks about modding on this week’s GamesBeat Decides podcast.

“It’ll be 15 mods per month for now, but we may expand it if this is successful,” said Stieglitz. “It’ll be determined each month, so if a mod drops in quality or the author is…

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