Who will be Liza’s happily ever after?

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As Josh finds himself in the middle of an art war, Liza’s latest work assignment brings her closer to Charles. Is ‘Younger’ inching toward a happily ever after?

If I’m not mistaken, Younger’s latest episode was trying to tell us a few somethings about television’s current most frustrating love triangle. Between Josh and Charles, Liza has had her hands full these past four seasons, but the shipping wars have finally picked up steam with a couple winks and nods thrown our way. Team Charles, you’d better be prepared. It seems as though you’re in for a win.

As Josh interferes in Maggie and Montana’s art war (we’ll get there), Liza spearheads the mission to hire a ghostwriter to take on Belinda’s (may she rest in peace) romance novel empire. In doing so, the pair share close working quarters and swap cute musings about “happily ever after.” Um, Younger? Should we be reading between the lines here? While it seems as though Liza and Josh were destined for that happily ever after, we shouldn’t have taken our eye off Charles. “The Gift of Maggie” created a major shift in their flirtation and confirmed what most viewers have known to be true: Liza and Charles belong together.

Hear me out, Team Josh. I have said it once, and I’ll say it a million times until Liza settles down with either perfect match: Josh is the love of her life, and Charles is her soulmate. She could live happy lives with both of them, but one of those lives would ultimately be much happier than the other. During her hunt for the perfect author, Liza confronts the issue of a “happily ever after.” The frontrunner wants to revolutionize romance novels by abandoning the conclusion that has become synonymous with the genre. Does that mean Liza should abandon the concept, too?

Liza struggles with this idea. Clearly thinking about Josh, she appreciates the realism the author’s tweaked endings will bring to the…

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