What You Need to Understand about IRS Wage Garnishment

Whenever the Agency imposes levy on an individual, it is his wage or salary that is typically the target. The Agency is however not bound to impose levy on your wage only, is can also do so to your properties such as furniture, home, vehicles or any other possession that has value.

Ideally, IRS does not garnish your entire income despite the fact that there is no particular limit on regular income. Only the amount of income that is exempted from taxation will be left. Any other income will be garnished to cover the taxes you owe to the agency.

Basically, what the IRS does is to draw up a table that will be used for the garnishment process and send it to your employer. The employer will thereafter, use it to know how much money they will pay you. The rest of your salary goes to the IRS.

If you want to know how the Agency calculates the amount of money that you will receive from your employer, you will need to know how much tax you are exempted from as well as your standard deductions….

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