What Should Parents Do To Improve Kids Online Safety


One of the most aggressive features of the modern computer age is the constant presence of the Internet and social networks in lives of children. While parents may need a little more time to understand the magical appeal of Facebook, the children are moving at nearly the speed of light through the cyber space. Opportunities and privacy policies are constantly changing, so it is really easy to get into a situation in which you can no longer follow what is happening. Whether you understand how all this works or not, it is important to transfer to child the importance of limiting disclosure of personal information.


Do you remember the time when we opened the mail by hand, or the day when we went to the library to look for some information or a book? Soon it will be inconceivable for today’s children Yes, once upon a time we were not so dependent of computers, but in the other hand, the daily affairs flowed slowly and we all waited longer. Only a slight review to the lives…

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