What Forces Made Randall Lee Richards the Hottest New Country Music Star?

Randall Lee Richards

One music critic has said “Randall Lee Richards music has more hooks than a pirates convention!”

How did a new artist without a major label, release his first single and get 225,000+ You Tube views, over 35,000 Internet streams on I Tunes, Pandora, Spotify, Jango, etc, radio airplay on nearly 1,000 radio stations across America and in over 40 countries, to become the hottest new country music star, all in less than 3 months?

Perhaps it’s as simple as two words. Great music. Randall Lee reflects, “I think it helps that I have written songs which were recorded by major artists, and which sold millions of copies, but in the end, I’m sure it’s the power of this song “A Paradise Life” that’s making a way for me as an artist.” “It’s super catchy, and relates to just about everyone.” It helps that Randall Lee has tapped into the super hot trend called New Country Music.

“The best thing about all this is that I have many more great songs waiting to follow this one.” In fact, he’s currently finishing an LP being recorded in Nashville with top producer Stacy Hogan (Universal Records/Curb Records) and all top studio musicians. It will have 14 songs and is scheduled for a November release.

In Australia right now, “A Paradise Life” is being played heavily on virtually every radio station in that country. The official UK release is August 1st.

MPE, a music delivery service listed “A Paradise Life” recently as #11 in downloads, and #16 in streams worldwide. That is ahead of many major stars with major labels.

Over the last several weeks, the song has also been one of the top most added singles to country radio stations across America.

Randall Lee has also written a beautiful…

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