What are shares? A brief overview

You might have heard about shares many times before. People purchase them and they are an asset that helps those people make money. Have you ever wondered how this entire system works? How do you make an investment and you get a share that in turn makes money for you? This is a simple thing in fact. You only need to do a little research on this subject and you will be able to make some money from this venture too. 


First, you have to think about shares as being part of a bigger thing. In order to invest in a company you have to buy a share or maybe even more than just one. Therefore, picture them as being the capital of a company that was divided into these little pieces of paper that you get. Companies do this in order to assimilate a bigger capital. You invest some money in this company and you get your share. This can be taken both literally and figuratively; meaning that you will get a part of the profit of that company depending on the amount of money that you have…

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