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WESTMINSTER – A developer will spend the next nine months drawing up proposals to revamp the Westminster Civic Center into a governmental, residential and commercial hub – and potentially spark growth in the long-stagnant city.

The City Council recently agreed to enter into an exclusive agreement with Sheldon Development to create a master plan for the 8.3-acre Civic Center, which includes City Hall, the Council Chambers and the Senior Center. Those buildings are about 40 years old.

The city’s General Plan, in regard to the so-called 100-acre Civic Center Area, “envisions a multifaceted, mixed-use development offering both public and private opportunities,” a city staff report said. “The city sees this as a potentially dynamic site.”

But what the Civic Center could potentially become, let alone the cost to the city and a timeline for development, are unknown. And insights, officials said, likely won’t come until Sheldon presents its proposals to the council in April. The point, they said, is for the developer and the city to work together to create a coherent plan.

The point, they said, is for the developer and the city to work together to create a coherent plan.

“We are choosing a partner we think should join us on this journey,” Councilman Tyler Diep said. “If you’re here tonight and looking for specific designs,” he said at a recent City Council meeting, “there aren’t any. Because it costs money to draw something up.”

Sheldon beat out two other companies in what amounted to public job interviews at a council meeting. Last week’s vote was unanimous, with Councilman Sergio Contreras abstaining.

Sheldon’s cover letter to Westminster said the firm would study how to consolidate the government offices, the best way to increase parking, and how much construction would cost.

Contreras questioned the need to move so fast and pick a single developer with no specific plan in place.

It’s better, he said, to see precise proposals…

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