Weather Talk: Some random leap day statistics for F-M area

There will not be a leap day until 2020, so here are some random leap day statistics. Even though Feb. 29 has just one-fourth the samples of other days, those 33 leap days have managed to represent the time of year quite well. The average high has been 24 and the average low 7, which is only slightly off today’s averages of 27 and 11. The record high on Feb. 29 is 55 degrees set in 1992 and the record low is 26 below in 1980. Both are very similar to the records for today and tomorrow. Although four out of the first six leap days in the record books (1884 to 1908) had snowfall, including 6 inches in 1896, there was very little leap day snow activity for about 100 years; a dusting of 0.1 inch in 1952 and 1.7 inches in 1972. More recently, leap day in 2012 delivered a 4-inch snowfall. The last leap day in 2016 brought a trace of snow and a high temperature of 38 degrees.

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