Wealth Building Requires a Thought before Execution For the Betterment of the Family

When we were children we were asked what we want to become in life. Every one of us said different things. Some of said doctor, some engineers, some said scientists and these were things that gave us some amount of encouragement for us to study. Things slowly changed as we grew and we had the choice to choose our favorite subjects. We passed out of our colleges and we have started careers best suiting our needs. If we look into the reason, why children have to go to school and go through the whole process just like most of us. The underlying reason is to make money and to lead a happy and peaceful life. Hence what are some of the things that we can do to build wealth? If you ask me wealth building is also an art, not all people in the world have succeeded in making money or in other words I can say not all people in the world know how to make money. Most times studies are not related to making money. This point can be understood if we observe people who are around us.


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