Wasatch Front Ice Cream Tour — fifth stop: Farr Better Ice Cream

Blake Wilde

Farr Better Ice Cream is located in Ogden.

OGDEN — Farr Better Ice Cream has been a landmark in Ogden for decades.

The company’s original roots are in the ice industry in the late 1800s, but when refrigerators made ice harvesters and ice producers obsolete, Farr Better Ice switched gears. It became Farr Better Ice Cream in 1929, according to its website, when it started the first commercial ice cream manufacturing operation in Utah and began selling ice cream in a shop connected to its plant in Ogden.

“Since the 1920s, Farr’s original ice cream scoop shop in downtown Ogden has been something special,” the website states, and it’s true. You would be hard-pressed to find an ice cream store with more charm than Farr Better Ice Cream.

We gave Farr Better Ice Cream a 3 out of 4 scoops.

The mint green main shop is homey and full of nostalgia, with much of its signage appearing to be from decades gone by, and was crowded with customers the day I went in. Connected to the shop through a door and up a few stairs, however, is an additional ice cream counter that is obviously recently built but designed to maintain the traditional ’50s ice cream parlor atmosphere. The secondary area alleviates some of the busyness of the main shop, provides additional seating and creates a comfortable experience for customers.

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