Visa’s (V) Management Presents at Deutsche Bank Technology Conference (Transcript)

Visa Inc. (NYSE:V)

Deutsche Bank Technology Conference Call

September 13, 2017 2:40 PM ET


Sam Shrauger – Senior Vice President of Digital Products


Bryan Keane – Deutsche Bank Securities

Bryan Keane

Okay, let’s get started here. I’m Bryan Keane. I cover payments for Deutsche Bank, and we’re excited to have Sam Shrauger, who is SVP of Digital Products at Visa. So, Sam, thanks for being here.

Sam Shrauger

Oh, thanks for having me.

Bryan Keane

I think, we – one of the things that that people were struck by, to start kind of high-level was at the Analyst Day, you guys were talking about a 10x opportunity and given the size and the history of the company, I think, people were surprised they can hear that. So maybe you can help us and walk just kind of on a big picture thing that that 10x opportunity, where’s that coming from for Visa?

Sam Shrauger

Sure. Look, I mean, is it 10x or is it 8x, I don’t know. But if you look at sort of what’s going on in different categories, obviously, there’s a lot of developing market acceptance that we can continue to build. There are a whole bunch of new transaction categories that are coming out of woodwork in terms of new forms of digital transaction and new forms of acceptance.

So I think, you look at the mobile device and you look at all the IoT devices and you think about how those things will be connected and you probably transactional in a lot of cases. And I think, we just see a lot of growth in electronification generally, and that’s going to take a whole bunch of different forms depending on what geography you’re in. But I think this secular trend, I guess, of payment electronification is just going to continue.

Bryan Keane

Can you talk a little bit about some of the investments that Visa has been making in technology and kind of your view on the impact of how the evolving ecosystem of payments continues to change?

Sam Shrauger

Yes. Look, I think, the biggest thing going on obviously is…

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